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The Bleckley Inn
Main Bleckley venue with high atrium like ceiling

Bleckley Station

Previously home to a grocery store, tire store, and furniture store, 310 South Main had been an important address for the citizens of Anderson over the last 100 years. This century saw those active businesses leave and a series of unfulfilled dreams left the once vibrant block as a vacant "hole". The most appealing feature left on the vacant lot was the graffiti Monster by renowned artist Patch Whiskey.

Now the pastel monster is part of the Bleckley Station which has reclaimed the space for all of Anderson. The dream of Steve Kay was to provide a space for up to 500 people to gather for celebrations of life. Designed to honor the features of the old Penn Station in New York City; the Bleckley Station once again has made 310 South Main Street an important part of our city.

Reclaimed brick, a 1914 cornerstone, and cast iron vents were salvaged and used in the new construction. This 10,000-square-foot space features a skylight, soaring exposed trusses, reclaimed brick walls, and theatre curtains which can be used to subdivide the room and create more intimate settings.

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The Bleckley Inn



151 East Church Street
Anderson, SC 29624


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