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The Carriage House, Benson Room, Pracht Alley, Courtyard, & (Coming Soon) The Bleckley Station

With a 250 – 400 person capacity, the Carriage House is our largest venue at the Bleckley Inn; one that has been chosen as the setting for numerous weddings, receptions, reunions, business training conventions and community-wide events.  The Clydesdale horses were hosted here in April of 2009.  Since that time, updates and amenities have been added to create a comfortable, aesthetic venue for your special event.

The Carriage House was once a livery stable that still features the original safe, with the Fretwell name at the top, and the original lead glass window.  The window is now used as an oversized nightlight.  Exposed brick and rustic walls offer a unique backdrop, upon which a decorator’s vibrant imagination is free to take shape.  From simple and elegant to ornate and extravagant decorations, the Carriage House has seen it all.

The large, magnificent stable doors of the carriage house open to a courtyard haven, surrounded by impeccable landscaping and a brick wall for privacy.  An illuminated fountain is featured in the center.  This ideal location for wedding ceremonies accommodates 225 chairs.  Balconies overlooking the courtyard offer a photographer’s dream shot.

Encourage your guests to enter your event through Pracht Alley.  As they open the wrought iron gate and begin their stroll down the picturesque alley, the lights overhead create a romantic, Italian feel that is sure to transcend.

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